DDTV Ep 024 Video – Wirecast Broadcast Production

On this episode of the DizzyDougTV podcast, my friend Michael Manna of the T4Show talked about our Wirecast, the center of our podcast, and broadcast production universe. We cover everything from all of the gear we have, software we use. How we tie it all together. And we also talk about podcasting and video creation in general.

Check out Michael…….




Don’t let your tech, getch dizzy……Lata..

DizzyDougTV Podcast Ep 019 Video

Alright, everyone. This episode originally was a just a test. Pete and I needed to test out some new gear. His new Microphone, and my new webcams.
Thats what we thought. Once we got this geek train rolling, it could not be stopped. We had a great audience in the Justin.TV chat room, and it was a ton of fun.


DizzyDougTV App V2.0


I am very proud to announce that my iPhone / iPod Touch app, DizzyDougTV V2 was released today.

For those of you who are fans of the content that I produce, you have instant access to all of it, in the palm of your hand. No matter where you go.
In this update, we included all new graphics, an enhanced UI, portrait to landscape orientation, and a little “something-something”.. That I will leave for y’all to discover.
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