Review: Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 Speakers

Many people that I know including myself, use our computers as entertainment devices. We listen to music, watch internet videos, feature films, audio & video podcasts, as well as our own precious home movies.
Also, as is the case of many people, I don’t have a ton of real estate on my desk for most 5.1 systems. Not to mention the budget. So a great sounding 2 piece, or even better, a 2.1 speaker set is essential for me, and thanks to my friends at Cyber Acoustics and their CA-3602 2.1 speaker system. I have found what I am looking for.

What’s in the box:
If you would like to check out my full unboxing video click HERE. In the box you get two satellite speakers for left and right channels, mp3 player dock, an amazing acoustically balanced, 5 1/4″ sub woofer, a very cool and functional control pad as well as the necessary cables and power adapter.

Initial Thoughts:
At first glance, I was very impressed with the speakers both aesthetically as well as the build quality. I was so impressed with the build quality, I did a sound test in the unboxing video. And as soon as I heard the sounds coming from them, I was blown away. Highs are crisp, mids are spot on, and the bass coming from that sealed sub is ground shaking.

Since having the CA-3602′s, I’ve tested them with various genres of music, from Jazz to R&B, Country, Metal Pop and more. As well as various other sources including spoken word audio and video podcasts, features films on DVD and from iTunes. I have also connected my HDTV and Xbox 360 to them. More on that in a bit.
Of all of the media I have played, I was never disappointed in the quality of the sound. The bass is deep and clean. And the mids are extremely articulate.

Design and innovation:
The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602′s are not the first to incorporate line in and headphone ports, nor are they the first to have bass adjustments. But… I can say without a doubt, that the control pad that comes with the CA-3602′s is an act of brilliance. No need to go under the desk to connect the line in, headphones, or adjusting the overall volume or the bass depending on what you are listening to. It’s very convenient to have these controls and ports within arms reach. And having a line in port, makes it very easy to connect external audio sources that utilize the 1/8th” audio jacks such as mp3 and portable media players such as iPhones, iPads etc. And what I found absolutely amazing, was the ability to connect the HDTV in my office to the speakers and the line in port. I simply ran an RCA to 1/8th” from the RCA audio out on my HDTV, to the line in. This is a major win for me, as I don’t have an AV receiver and speakers in my SOHO connected to my Xbox 360. I can once again enjoy that immersive audio experience when gaming.

Final Words:
Connecting the speakers is a easy, and once you turn them on, be prepared to be amazed by the sound reproduction, no matter what you are listening to. If you find yourself in the market for a great and very reasonable priced ($54.99) set of 2.1 computer speakers, I encourage you to look at the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602′s. You won’t be disappointed.


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