DIY Microphone Flag Take 2

diy_mic2_thumbA few days ago, I set out on a DIY project to make a mic flag. After a little planning, and rummaging around the house to see what supplies I had, I came up with this. While it was cool, I knew that I could do better, so I aimed to do so.

So I stopped at my local Michaels, looking for a plastic box to replace what I had built, that oddly enough, is what I disliked most. What I found, was a clear plastic box. measuring a perfect 3 1/2″ by 2″. Perfect size, in fact, almost identical to what I had built. So, without further adieu. Lets begin.


Here’s the box I picked up at Michaels. Cost $2.99 We only need the top.


Same foam as last time.


For our graphics, this time I’m using my clear business card labels. I use these for business cards, and they come in handy once again.



Take a round object and make a mark for the hole we need on the top of the box.


With a Dremel, cut out the center hole, and then use a file to sand it down to eliminate the ruff or sharp edges.


Not a bad cut.


Cut out the piece of foam.


Insert the foam, make your mark, and make an X cut, or cut out a circle depending on what kind of microphone you’re gonna use.



After you’ve made your template for your graphics, print it out on the clear business card stock.


For this project, we only need 4.  Cool thing about this stock, is it’s already perforated.


Time to start inserting the logos. Turn the mic flag upside down, and start inserting the labels.


Nice! Looking very nice!


Side by side with the first one I built a few days. ago. Huge difference IMO. I like the new one MUCH better.


And here are some pix of the flag installed on my Rode Podcaster.




So there you have it. DIY microphone flag take 2. Total cost for this one was the $2.99 for the plastic box. Everything else was lying around.

If you should want to build this DIY project and don’t have anything on hand, total investment should be less than $10.

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  • The Sales Whisperer®

    Very cool. After looking on Amazon and not liking my choices and not being sure the flag will fit my Rode setup I found this post. I was thinking the same thing so thanks for sharing. I’ll have mine made during this long 4th of July weekend.